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Rob Barrie - South Africa

Rob Barrie with a huge limit of Canadas in October near Chestermere, Alberta, Canada

I hunt all over the world from Africa to Canada, from big dangerous game to pheasants, and waterfowl hunting is my favorite thing to do.  We just spent a month being fully guided in Alberta for Waterfowl, and by far the 4 days we spent with Doug and Andrew with Massig's Migrators was the best hunting of our trip.  We limited on geese and ducks every day, shot both limits on 2 of the morning shoots, and shot my first drake limit - it was amazing - really really good fun! Excellent gear and great calling. - Rob Barrie - South Africa


Michael Honey, Alberta, Canada

Michael Honey and Delta Waterfowl Board Member Don Morrison Limit out on Geese

We had an excellent late Season December goose shoot with Massig's Migrators. We easily limited out on Canadas in a couple of hours. Doug Massig provides a first class service and has excellent equipment, with new Final Approach layout blinds with snow covers, and beautiful new high definition goose decoys, and lots of them. Outstanding calling by his right hand man, Andrew Dath. Wave after wave of geese came right in on the decoys. - Michael Honey, Alberta, Canada



Ralph Tessman - Alberta, Canada

Ralph Tessman and son hunting ducks near Calgary, Alberta, Canada The experience with Massig’s Migrators was absolutely fantastic. I had not hunted waterfowl for several years with a new job and children arriving all at the same time. I do love bird hunting but do not have the time anymore to invest in finding the birds or getting permission in an area I am not familiar with. Doug and Andrew take care of all of that for you. They are great guys and are very knowledgeable about the birds we were after. Their spread is unbelievable and the birds could not resist with us limiting out on both hunts. The greatest thing for me was the opportunity to bring my four year old son with me and give him a chance to experience the outdoors and this great sport. He had a good time and Doug went out of his way to accommodate us. My son “Hunter” has been pestering me to go again ever since. Hunting with Massig’s Migrators will become something that we do each and every fall from this point on.


Scott Fetzer - Colorado, USA

Scott Fetzer with his first mallard limit right next to Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The guys at Massig's Migrators gave us the best hunting we experienced on our trip to Alberta.  We are going to come back next year for 3 different trips because the hunting was so good.  Great guys, great gear, and world class goose and duck hunting.  It amazes me that you can fly into Calgary International Airport Thursday night, take Friday off work, get in 3 full days of the best hunting Alberta has to offer, and make it home for work on Monday morning - Truly amazing! - Scott Fetzer - Colorado, USA





Jason Hill - Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

My father-in-law, Gerry Glaves and myself are avid hunters in Southern Ontario, and recently had a family function in Edmonton during the month of September.  Our trip was short, as we flew into Edmonton on a Wednesday and were leaving on the following Saturday morning.  There was one open day in our schedule where our wives had one thing in mind, shopping.......and we had one thing in mind, hunting.  So Gerry and I drove down to Calgary, on Thursday night, stayed in a hotel, and then met Doug and Dana the next morning at 4:15am for a duck & goose hunt.  We were not disappointed, the ducks started coming and finishing right off the bat, we had our limits within the hour, no one could stop smiling and laughing.  All the time spent scouting and the experience of Massig Migrators was quite apparent that morning, we had a blast, made some good friends, and learned a lot.  Making memories is a priority with our family and we sure came away with some good ones on that trip thanks to Doug and Dana.  We will definitely be back!”

Jason Hill
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada












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